Get lost pets back home, provide vet care for animals in need.   image

Get lost pets back home, provide vet care for animals in need.

You can save animals in our community with a donation today.


Every day in our community, animals are in need of our help.

Dogs escape the yard, cats go missing, and animals are abandoned.

Community Paws has helped these animals in the Verrado community and the West Valley of Phoenix since 2014. We are an all-volunteer non-profit group who dedicates our time to helping the animals, families and organizations in our community.

Each year we help hundreds of pets get back home or find new homes for those who need them. Cats, dogs, birds, fish, lizards, rabbits, turtles, we've helped them all! A large part of the help these animals need includes medical attention. Amputations, x-rays, spay and neuter, shots, pills - we've had veterinarians provide care of all levels.

All of this is possible only with the amazing support of you- our friends and neighbors in our communities. Your donations are the only way we can continue our mission to provide benevolent assistance to animals and individuals in need, educate the public regarding responsible pet ownership and provide charitable giving to other non-profit organizations.

Thank you very much for your donation.